HVAC Tips to Protecting Your Home From Carbon Monoxide Poison

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As you should already know, carbon monoxide is a deadly, colorless, odorless gas that can be fatal to those who breathe it in. However, as a responsible homeowner, you’ve already taken the necessary steps to ensuring you don’t breathe in carbon monoxide in the event of a leak, right? Since carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, it is important that you have functioning carbon monoxide detectors in your home to alert you in case any deadly gas leak is present in your home.

Although carbon monoxide detectors serve a huge purpose in alerting property owners of possible leaks in the effort to prevent injuries and death, high carbon monoxide levels inside your property can result in expensive consequences. To avoid carbon monoxide leaks and post-leak problems, you should consider following the tips below outlined by Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta. The following carbon monoxide safety tips can help save you and your family’s life from an unknowing, deadly carbon monoxide leak.

Your HVAC system & carbon monoxide leaks

One common misconception that a lot of people have is, “what produces carbon monoxide and what causes carbon monoxide leaks?” Air conditioners cannot cause carbon monoxide poisoning because they do not burn fuel or produce carbon monoxide. Instead, it is your furnace and heating equipment that can cause carbon monoxide problems for your home. 

With the cooler months slowly creeping up on us, Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta wanted to give Augusta area clients helpful HVAC tips to ensure safety from an unknowing carbon monoxide leak.

What if my carbon monoxide detectors do not go off?

One of the most important things to know about carbon monoxide leaks is that they will not always trigger the sensor, especially the carbon monoxide detectors that are installed in the ceiling and hard-wired to your electrical system. These types of carbon monoxide detectors are programmed to only alert the homeowner if the carbon monoxide levels are dangerous enough to cause death. However, according to the US Center for Disease Control (CDC), prolonged exposure to low levels of carbon monoxide can still cause people to experience symptoms of headaches, fatigue and nausea. People with heart conditions can also experience chest pain.

If you notice a large number of people complaining within your home with these symptoms, you need to take action immediately and determine if a carbon monoxide leak is the source for the symptoms. The usual source for carbon monoxide leaks within your home is almost always fuel-burning appliances or heating systems. Since this is the most logical reason for a carbon monoxide leak, you should call an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor, like Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta, to safely inspect and repair your HVAC, or the root of your carbon monoxide problem.

My carbon monoxide detector is going off! What now?

Have you stopped to consider what you would actually do in the event of a carbon monoxide leak in your home? If you are alerted by your carbon monoxide detector of a possible leak, this is the recommended protocol to follow:

  • Evacuate the property – Well this one is obvious… if you’re carbon monoxide detector is alerting you, exit the building you are in immediately. 
  • Call the fire department – Once you and everyone has exited the building, call the fire department so they can assess the carbon monoxide situation and prevent more people from the dangers of the leak.
  • Turn off the HVAC heating system & any heat appliances
  • Contact a qualified expert, or an HVAC professional at Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta to evaluate your heat appliances and make sure you won’t be negatively affected by a surprise carbon monoxide leak again.

HVAC safety tips to prevent carbon monoxide leaks

The majority of carbon monoxide leaks stem from HVAC heating systems and ventilation problems, which is why a reputable and experienced HVAC service company, like Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta, can help prevent carbon monoxide leaks from happening. Below are a few HVAC safety tips from Connell’s Heating & Air to help you prevent carbon monoxide leaks in your home.

Schedule a regular HVAC and heating maintenance

Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta recommends that you schedule a regular HVAC maintenance ideally before the start of the fall and winter seasons each year. An experienced HVAC contractor, like Connell’s Heating & Air, will inspect your furnace, vents, chimneys, fireplaces and any fuel burning appliances during one of our routine maintenance inspections. 

Contact Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta to have your home and HVAC checked by a qualified professional. During our inspection we will identify any problems that can be addressed before carbon monoxide becomes a serious problem. Our preventative maintenance programs will ensure the safety of you, your home and your family from the deadly threats of carbon monoxide leaks.

Inspect heat exchangers & equipment

Some HVAC companies and contractors will forget to check your heat exchangers, but you don’t have to worry about that issue with Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta. However, some of the most common cases of carbon monoxide leaks are caused by a malfunctioning heat exchanger in the gas or oil furnace. The job of the heat exchanger is to vent the poisonous gasses resulting from heat combustion away from the heating ducts and safely from your home.

Over time, the heat exchanger can develop corrosion, brake and crack, but you will be oblivious since the furnace will still work while carbon monoxide is lingering in your ventilation system. Another common issue is blockages in the vents and chimneys. Rodents nests and debris can accumulate overtime causing a block in the ventilation system and more carbon monoxide buildup. You can avoid these future carbon monoxide problems with a scheduled maintenance from Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta.

How to be safe from carbon monoxide poisoning

Like we’ve mentioned before, you can avoid these future carbon monoxide problems with a scheduled maintenance from an experienced and reputable HVAC contractor like Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta. A regular scheduled maintenance and program will ensure the safety of you and your family from possible carbon monoxide problems. Contact the HVAC professionals at Connell’s Heating & Air and let us inspect your home and discuss possible maintenance programs to protect you from the deadly effects of carbon monoxide.