How does hot summer weather affect your air conditioning system?

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Understanding the hot summer effects on my air conditioning system.

It’s June, which means that the hottest days of the year are close on the horizon. As the warm summer days inch closer and closer, Connell’s Heating & Air is here to provide helpful tips and information regarding your air conditioning system’s performance throughout the hot, dog days of summer.

When the temperatures rise in the summer, your air conditioner decides it’s time to work a bit harder. With warmer weather outside, your air conditioner will take on additional workload to keep your space cool and comfortable.

Yes, at Connell’s Heating & Air we know that the more you run your air conditioning system, the higher your electric bill will be. But have you ever thought about the impact of the sweltering heat on your air conditioner? Does the hot weather really influence the overall performance of your air conditioning system?

Common air conditioning problems during summer?

During the warm summer months, Connell’s Heating & Air, as well as other HVAC installation, repair and replacement companies, see an increase in business amid the irritating hot season. When the mid-summer heat wave is in full effect, Connell’s Heating & Air has received phone calls for the following problems surrounding HVAC performance.

  • An aging HVAC gear breaks down often when it runs relentlessly for longer time frames.
  • A difference in room-to-room temperature and comfort levels when humidity and outside temperatures are well above common conditions.
  • High monthly energy bills
  • Excessive dust in the air and apparent green growth and/or pests

So what are the effects of the summer heat and humidity on my air conditioner?

  • Effects of heat on the performance of your air conditioning system.
  • On a normal day, your AC unit trades the hot air from inside your home, with the cooler air outside. However, when it’s a blistering hot day in the middle of summer, your air conditioning unit will work almost double more than usual. Your air conditioner will strain itself to make the air cooler, putting more wear and tear on the gear inside your air conditioning system.
  • Effects of humidity on the performance of your air conditioning system.
  • During humid conditions, your air conditioner struggles to battle moist and damp air so the air in your home remains cool. Fighting out dampness to keep your home comfortable starts to put stress on the air conditioning unit after some time. For more information regarding the effects of humidity on your HVAC performance, check out our last blog here!

What does the extra strain on my air conditioning cause?

So, let’s say that you’re nearing the end of July and your air conditioning system has been running consistently and continuously for weeks. The sweltering heat and continuous air conditioning implies that your AC system could be facing deterioration.

Highly warm temperatures put continuous pressure on the performance of an air conditioning system. It makes it much more difficult for the air conditioner to move warmth from inside the house to outside. An air conditioning system is a warmth exchanger that absorbs heat from the inside of the home and discharges it to the outside. Heat moves towards areas with low heat, so when the outside temperature is high, it makes it harder to discharge the warmth. This is where the extra strain on the air conditioning system comes in as it works to push the heat out of the house.

A regular maintenance plan eases the issue of your air conditioning system failing and this is one of the numerous motivations to have planned HVAC maintenance programs with Connell’s Heating & Air scheduled. With a planned maintenance program, Connell’s Heating & Air will ensure your air conditioning never fails you when you need it most.

Component problems on your air conditioner.

Most of the parts and hardware inside your air conditioning system won’t take on any harm in extreme temperatures because they’re designed to endure them. Components that may experience difficulty are the capacitors, which provide voltage to the engines.

Capacitors can wear out in extreme temperatures and are expected to be replaced. If you hear any clicking sounds coming from your air conditioning system, call Connell’s Heating & Air for maintenance immediately. The clicking noise is an indication that your capacitor is failing or malfunctioning and should be checked on by an HVAC professional at Connell’s Heating & Air. 

If you notice your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, the temperatures are inconsistent or you are unhappy with any part of your AC system, call Connell’s Heating & Air in Augusta for reliable HVAC services. We are committed to providing you exceptional HVAC service and taking the time to give your air conditioner the attention it needs, especially during the hottest months of the year.