Is a Gas Furnace right for your Home?

Gas Furnace –Augusta, GA

October is full of frights, but if your furnace is on the fritz, you are in for some thrills and also chills this Halloween. Connell’s Service Company of Augusta, Georgia has the solution for you with a new Infinity gas furnace system from Carrier. A gas furnace is a great way to heat your home, have balanced humidity and also reduce your energy bills. If you need a new furnace or not sure, it’s time for a replacement, Connell’s Service Company is here to help. We offer a free estimate and also a comparative analysis of replacement versus repair. The Connell’s Service Company team specializes in improving your heating and cooling system through service, repairs, and also installation. Now through the end of October, we have a great deal on the Carrier Infinity gas furnace system.

Benefits of Carrier Infinity Gas Furnaces –Augusta, GA

Connell’s Service Company is proud to be Carrier factory authorized dealers. With Connell’s Service Company providing the highest quality installation with the guaranteed Carrier brand you will have peace of mind that your Carrier gas furnace will provide efficiency, performance, and also comfort for years to come.

Better Efficiency: The Carrier Infinity gas furnace is a more efficient system with an annual fuel utilization efficiency rating up to 98.5%. This is a huge increase compared to standard gas efficiency furnaces with 80%. This allows your heating system to run better, smoother, and also longer. This means you not only have better efficiency but also lower monthly utility bills.

Quieter Performance: The Carrier Infinity gas furnace offers a fully insulated cabinet with Greenspeed intelligence. Greenspeed intelligence fine-tunes the performance of adaptable speed components and a modulating gas valve. This means you will enjoy a more comfortable and also a peaceful home with little to no noise.

Magic Touch: The Carrier Infinity gas furnace comes with the user-friendly Infinity system control. This Wi-Fi smart touchscreen device brings your comfort needs to your fingertips. With eight zone options, humidity control and also outside monitoring the Carrier Infinity gas furnace from Connell’s Service is the way to go for all your heating desires.

Connell’s Service Company Gas Furnace Installation –Augusta, GA

Connell’s Service Company has been serving Augusta, Georgia and the surrounding areas since 1989. We are a family-owned company with a foundation of strong moral ethics. Our number one goal is serving our customers with excellence. We know first-hand the importance of ensuring your home with good quality heating products and also superior service. When it comes to installing your new Carrier Infinity gas furnace, our installers are factory trained and authorized to install all makes and models of HVAC systems. We will walk you through the entire installation process. We offer a free estimate, affordable financing, and also 100% customer satisfaction.

Connell’s Service Company offers the highest-quality gas furnace installation in Central Savannah. This Halloween leave the screams for the kids and contact Connell’s Service Company for your new Carrier Infinity gas furnace. Call us today!