Should You Schedule an HVAC Tune-Up Before Winter?

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A new HVAC unit can cost up to $10,000. Because your HVAC system is such a large investment for your home, you must maintain it to keep it running smoothly.

One important aspect of HVAC maintenance is scheduling regular HVAC tune-ups and inspections.

Do you want to learn more about the benefits of HVAC inspections? Keep reading this article to see why you should schedule your heater and AC tune-up before the winter.

Identify Potential Problems

One of the biggest benefits of getting an HVAC tune-up and inspection is that it can help you identify potential problems with your HVAC system. Often, homeowners do not know that there are issues with their heater or air conditioner until it breaks down.

However, getting an inspection can help you find these problems and prevent them from becoming more serious issues.

This is especially important in the winter months, as a problem with your HVAC may make it difficult to keep your home warm.

Prevents Costly Repairs

Not only will HVAC tune-ups nip potential problems in the bud, but they also reduce the likelihood of a breakdown and can prevent costly repairs. If you wait too long to get your HVAC inspected, you may create even more problems with your HVAC unit.

In your HVAC tune-up, your HVAC technician will do everything they can to make sure your unit is in good working order. This simple maintenance service can prevent many problems from arising in the future.

Saves You Money

When you schedule a heater tune-up, it can also help save you money on your energy bills during the winter. During your tune-up, your HVAC technician will help improve the efficiency of your unit, which means that it takes less energy to keep your home warm.

Another way that a tune-up saves you money is by helping you avoid expensive repairs, as was mentioned before.

To make sure you save the most money and energy, you must schedule your HVAC maintenance before the heating or cooling season starts.

This way, you will save money all winter and all summer on your heating and cooling bills.

Cleans Filters

Another benefit that comes from getting an HVAC tune-up before the winter is that you will get clean filters as well. Many types of indoor air pollutants have immediate and long-term health effects.

If you do not have a clean air filter in your HVAC system, the indoor air quality gets even worse.

Regular heating and air conditioning tune-ups will keep your unit clean and will reduce the pollutants circulating in your home. You can also ask your HVAC technician to change your filters to improve your indoor air quality.

This way, you can prevent pollutants from circulating inside your home and you will be able to prevent any potential health problems.

Avoid the Busy Season

Something else you should consider when you are scheduling an HVAC tune-up is the availability of your HVAC company.

Often, the peak season for these businesses is in the winter and summer months. As the weather changes, people tend to notice that their heater or air conditioner is not working.

Because this is such a busy season, there is much less availability for HVAC tune-ups and repairs in the winter. This means it is best to schedule your tune-up in the fall or spring.

When you schedule a heater tune-up before the winter months, you will have more flexibility with scheduling and will be able to get your HVAC problems fixed much faster.

Extend the Lifespan of Your HVAC Unit

Next, scheduling an HVAC tune-up each year is an easy way to extend the lifespan of your heating and cooling system. These systems can last up to 20 years when they are well-maintained.

Regular HVAC maintenance, like a tune-up, costs very little but it can add years to the life of your unit. As was mentioned before, getting regular tune-ups will reduce the risk of breakdowns and expensive repairs.

To make sure you get the most out of your investment, you must take preventative measures to lower the amount of wear and tear. This way, you will not have to pay for expensive repairs or replacements for your HVAC unit.

Keeps You Safe

Finally, it is important to schedule an HVAC tune-up before the winter to keep yourself safe. When you haven’t been using your heater for a while, you may not be able to tell if it is operating safely.

For example, things like smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors may not be working properly on your heater and may need to be replaced.

Your heater also goes through wear and tear during the seasons.

Things like dust build-up and electrical malfunctions may lead to breakdowns and even fires in your HVAC unit. Scheduling an HVAC tune-up can help you prevent these problems and keep you and your family safe.

Schedule Your HVAC Tune-Up Today

As you prepare for winter, you should not forget to schedule a heater tune-up. A tune-up from an HVAC contractor can help you identify problems with your unit and will save you money!

For scheduling flexibility, you need to schedule tune-ups in the spring or fall. Do you want to schedule a tune-up or HVAC repair? Connell’s Heating & Air can help!

Our team offers same-day service and will keep your HVAC running smoothly all winter. Contact our team today to learn about the importance of HVAC maintenance and to schedule an HVAC tune-up appointment.

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