5 Signs You Need Heater Repair

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Are your chills multiplying, no matter how high your turn that thermostat? Do you hear noises going bump in the night? If so, it may be time to consider a heater repair.

Ignoring an old, faulty, or out of date heater can result in several problems. These can include soaring bills, expensive repairs, and worst of all, ill-health. Read on to find out our must-know 5 signs that you need heater repair. 

High Utility Bills

Utility bills are high enough, and the last thing you need is an added cost. However, if you find that your bills are growing quickly, much faster than any gas or electricity prices increase from your providers, then you need to check your heating system. 

Electricity bills soaring signify a problem with the heater itself. Soaring gas bills are a sign that you may have a heater malfunction.

You can check by looking back at your utility bills for the past two winters. If they have both been around the same temperature and weather conditions (both the same climate with no freak snowstorms, cold spells) then you can get an idea of what they should cost. Add on any price hikes, and you will have a prediction of your current bill. 

If it is about right, then you are quite lucky. If not, you need to get some heating repair. 

Strange Noises

The heating system can make some strange, and wonderful noises. Very often, this is simply water and gas moving through the pipes. However, the older systems may give out more rattle, bangs, and squeaks than normal and need checking, if not replacing.

High pitched squealing is usually a problem with an internal motor part. This is often a bearing, which may have worn and need replacing. Rattling is also a symptom of a motor problem or a defect in the blower.

You may be able to isolate the problem and check where it is coming from. More often than not, it will be from the furnace. It will be hard to know how old your furnace is unless you were not the person who installed it, so call a professional who can tell you if it would be more cost-effective to get it repaired or replace the whole thing. 

Flame Changes Require Immediate Heater Repair

A flame in your burner should be clean and blue. If it has any defects in the flame, it can be a serious problem. This problem can result in ill-health and even death.

The most dangerous flame is a yellow-colored flame. This indicates carbon monoxide in your system. Carbon monoxide is a potentially fatal gas that can build up if release systems in your heater are defective or blocked.

Carbon monoxide is colorless and odorless, thus it is known as the silent killer. Symptoms of poisoning are flu-like, including fever, nausea, and muscle aches. Luckily, the problem is a quick and easy fix if you call a professional to assist.

Even without carbon monoxide making you ill, a faulty heating system can still cause problems with air quality. If the air gets stuffy when you are sat in the home, it can be hard to notice. Mold and mildew spores, allergens, pollutants, and kitchen odors can be circulated, or not shifted out when the air quality decreases.  

A quick for this is a change in the filter. Filters should be changed every couple of months regardless. Failing to do this can impede the airflow, blocking your system and causing it to overwork itself. 

Uneven Heating

Uneven heating can be a problem in several areas. the first place to check is the thermostat. If you are getting up and down to adjust the temperature regularly, then you need to check the thermostat is set correctly and working properly. 

If you are sure the thermostat is working but are still experiencing these problems, look elsewhere. The problem will be coming from the heating system itself. 

Perhaps your furnace is not distributing heat effectively across various rooms. If not, it may be putting it into the wrong places, or certain rooms may have leaks or be less insulated.

One problem many people mistake as a thermostat problem is the system cycling on and off. This is more likely to be a serious malfunction in the heating system. This is caused by the heat exchanger overheating. 

Once the while system overheats, it will shut down to prevent serious damage. Once it cools, it will start up again, repeating the cycle. 

The System Is Old

15 to 25 years is the life expectancy of a heating system. You can often tell if it is older than 25 years if it has a pilot light, as these only exist in models over 25 years of age. 

Of course, the older the system, the more likely it is to break down and require repairs. Older systems are also less energy efficient, and costs will start to spiral exasperating the cost of your bills. 

Old systems definitely need to be replaced if you are having numerous repairs over a short period of time. Parts can be extremely hard to find, and often do not come cheap. In some instances, it may be cheaper and more efficient long term to get the whole system replaced.

Do Not Delay

You can not afford to put off any heater repair. It could cost your health, as well as cost you a lot of money. Don’t delay and get service immediately. 

If you need quality heating and AC repair, contact Connell’s. We have been serving Augusta, GA, and the surrounding areas since 1989 and have a reputation for excellence and efficiency. Contact us for a quote immediately, so we can fix your heating and help you stay warm this winter.