How Does Severe Weather & Heat Affect My HVAC Unit?

severe weather hvac

It’s that time of year again where we are deciphering through the hurricane and tropical storm news all while battling the summer heat. With severe weather and storms hitting the coasts, the HVAC professionals at Connells Heating & Air in Augusta wanted to provide information on the impact that severe weather and high-heat temperatures can have on your HVAC system.

Severe weather effects on my HVAC

Thunderstorms and heavy rain showers aren’t uncommon this time of year and you’ve probably never given a second thought as to how bad weather can affect your HVAC unit.

During a thunderstorm, there could be high winds, lightning and other factors that could cause power surges. Electronics and power surges are not the best mix, and your HVAC unit is one of the largest electronic devices crucial to your home. So… how can you protect your HVAC when strong thunderstorms or severe weather rolls around? At Connells Heating & Air in Augusta we recommend switching the thermostat off and turning off the circuit breaker. It might be uncomfortable for a bit, but it could be worth saving your HVAC unit.

When it comes to heavy rains and flooding, you don’t have anything to worry about unless your HVAC unit is in an extremely low area. HVAC systems are designed to weather all outdoor conditions that Mother Nature throws our way. Some individuals worry about water sitting on top of the unit and make a decision to cover it. That is a fine alternative, but make sure NOT TO run your HVAC unit while it is covered. If your outdoor unit does tend to flood, you might want to consider placing your HVAC unit on an elevated platform to prevent future flooding and issues. If your HVAC does become partially submerged in a heavy downpour, you can protect it by shutting off the power to the unit.

High heat temperatures and your HVAC

Have you ever felt sluggish when working in the yard on a 90-degree day? Did you feel like it took more energy out of you to do the job in the heat? Most likely, it did, and the same goes for your air conditioner. Heat, humidity and airflow all contribute to how hard your HVAC operates. The hotter and more intense the sun, the more your HVAC system will run to keep your home cool. One solution is to set the thermostat as high as you can bear it (usually between 78 & 80 degrees).

An air conditioner is a heat transfer system with two heat exchangers, working with heat in two environments. First, it captures heat-energy from the warm air inside the house and sends it to the outdoor condensing unit and then it has to reject that heat–energy to the hot outside air. On hot days, that means your HVAC unit needs to work on double time. Not only is there more heat coming into your home, which it needs to remove, but also the air outside is hotter, which makes it harder for your HVAC unit to reject the heat.

Not only does the heat affect how your HVAC performs on the hottest days, but humidity plays a key role too. An excessive humidity level means your HVAC will work harder to dismiss the damp and clammy air.

Overall, high heat temperatures can affect your HVAC system, but only if you are irresponsible with the appropriate way to use your HVAC in the hotter months. Luckily for you, Connells Heating & Air in Augusta has posted blogs for hot summer air conditions and the effects of humidity on your HVAC system to keep your house cool and your air conditioner functioning to its full potential.

Wrapping up the severe weather & heat effects on your HVAC

Thunderstorms, heavy rain showers and high heat temperatures can affect your HVAC unit, but there is no reason to stress yourself out or be afraid every time there’s a chance of rain. HVAC systems are designed to withstand the elements and last for years in the outdoors.  However, a way that you can stay on top of the functionality of your HVAC unit is the AC & Heating Maintenance Services offered by Connells Heating & Air in Augusta. If you’re interested in our AC & Heating Maintenance Service or are curious about repairs or installation regarding your HVAC unit, contact the HVAC professionals at Connells Heating & Air and let us keep you and your home comfortable no matter the season.