August = The Dog Days of Summer

As the “Dog Days of Summer” rapidly approaches, and the temperatures rise into triple digits, there are a few tips and tricks we would like to help our local consumers understand.

When temperatures reach these higher levels, these are considered “extreme temperatures” for our area. In as much as, most cooling equipment manufacturers are rated for a capacity of an outdoor temperature of 95⁰.  To that end, when temperatures exceed the “normal” 95⁰ outside, this will produce a strain on your cooling system, no matter what brand or age. With this induced strain,  the cooling capacity of your system will lessen, thus causing your system to run non-stop at times, and may not be able to “cool” your home to the desired temperature as it does when temperatures are not extreme. You should be able to expect to cool your home to around 74⁰. In the most perfect of circumstances with your system, there is a 20⁰ split (the air from your vents should be 20⁰ cooler than the air going into your return inside your home)

Here are a few options you have to reduce the indoor temperature in your home/office will we have the “dogs days” here in the CSRA.

  • Keep your blinds and drapes closed during the day to keep the sunshine (and heat) out of the house.
  • Eat out (shop local),or grill your families dinner outside.
  • Make sure your air filter is clean and changed regularly
  • Make sure the insulation in your home is at the correct R rating
  • If you have indoor ceiling fans, keep them on to circulate the air
  • Run your clothes dryer or oven in the early morning or late evening (if at all) keeping the indoor air cooler will be a big help, as this is the air going into your return.
  • If the air in your home is unbearable, you can cool your outside condenser down with and ordinary garden hose. If you are at this point, call us to make sure your coil is clean and operating at maximum capacity.

Heading off the “dog days’ and having your system in optimum working capacity is the best answer to making sure your system can do its best to keep up with extreme temperatures. We recommend that you have your system cleaned regularly by a license and reputable Heating and Air company like Connell’s Heating and Air. Our family has been serving the Heating and Air needs of the CSRA for the last 32 years and counting. HeatingAndAirAugusta.Com