Is an Air Purifier right for your home?

Air Purifier Filtration System –Augusta, GA

The June weather in Augusta, Georgia is hot, humid and also muggy. To enjoy the beautiful outdoor view means your lungs are going to be full of pollutants and also allergens, but did you know your indoor air could be just as bad? We are Connell’s Service of Augusta Georgia, your Carrier heating, cooling, and indoor air quality team. The circulation and ventilation of the air in your home is dependent upon your indoor air quality system. Without an air purifier system, your home could be in danger of mold, mildew, and also dampness. This could be detrimental to your furniture, your electronics, personal belongings and most importantly your health.

Now through the end of June Connell’s has a great deal on the Carrier Infinity air purifier system. At Connell’s Service, we offer a free estimate and always guarantee 100% satisfaction. When it comes to your indoor air quality, there is no one better care than Connell’s Service. Read below and find out all the benefits of a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier System.

Benefits of Carrier Infinity Air Purifier System –Augusta

The summer air in Augusta Georgia can be thick, hot and also humid. When you want to escape the heat, you retreat indoors, but if you are experiencing sneezing, itchy watery eyes, bloody noses, sleep apnea, musty odors, mold growth on your walls, or dampness in your furniture and electronics you need an air purifier system from Connell’s Service. An air purifier system removes dust, mold, pollen, odor, and also bacteria. This stops the spread of germs and therefore leads to a healthier life. It also creates a healthier breathing environment that will lead to better sleep and can even have a positive impact on your mood.

Connell’s Service is proud to be a Carrier factory authorized dealer. We know the importance of excellent quality like Carrier and combine their products with our superior services. With a Carrier Infinity Air Purifier System, you will receive:

  • 10-Year Limited Warranty
  • Carrier Patented Capture and Kill Technology
  • Quiet Performance
  • MERV 15 Air cleaning and solution
  • Precision Point Ionization
  • Specially designed and charged Media Filter that will last for Months

Connell’s Service Air Purifier Installation System –Augusta, GA

Connell’s Service has been providing air conditioning and heating services since 1989. We are a family owned company who strive to be your preferred Carrier dealer. We are a top-rated 5-star heating and cooling company that always guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. Our factory authorized and trained installers are professional, friendly and also honest. We provide the highest quality air-purifier installation. When you choose Connell’s you are choosing a superior level of service that can’t be matched and the reason homeowners and businesses continue to choose us for all their heating, cooling and also indoor air quality needs. Now is the time to have your Infinity air purifier system installed, contact Connell’s today.

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