Sweet Summer Time

Summer is here but so is the heat! The heat index is a good indicator to help us better understand how the heat “feels” on the body. Here in the South, we experience high heat and high humidity which raises the heat index to dangerous levels. It’s important that we take the necessary steps while working or playing outside to keep cool and not overheat. Some ways to stay cool and avoid excessive heat exposure is to drink plenty of fluids–water is your friend during the summer heat. You want to stay away from sodas with tons of sugars and caffeine. Also, keep in the shade as much as possible. Not only are you at risk of overheating in the direct sun, but you’re also likely to catch a nasty sunburn! Lastly, if it gets unbearable, go inside. Most homes and commercial properties are equipped with HVAC units that are ready to cool you down. Enjoy that cool air and if for some reason your air just can’t keep up, we are here to help with 7 days a week emergency service! Call us today for more information.

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