What Season Is It Anyway?

c5ab89250b2b227782f7df07c1e4632fWelcome to Georgia where you can experience all four seasons in just one week! We are all very familiar with the practice of shedding our winter coats by noon only to put them right back on at the closing of the work day. This time of year you may find it difficult to regulate the temperature in your home. During the day you may need to turn on your air conditioner, but find it’s too cool for sleeping. Many homeowners switch back and forth between the heating and cooling system when spring brings warm days and cool nights. Doesn’t Mother Nature know we’re all confused? The flowers bloom only to freeze in the night, your kids sweat during recess because they were dressed for the morning chill, and your HVAC units are putting in overtime work, or at least they should be. Now is a great time to get your units checked to make sure they are running efficiently. Be sure to have your units inspected and repaired if need be so you and your family aren’t left in the hot…or cold. Whichever that week decides to bring. Don’t miss out on our March special! Receive a FREE Nest Thermostat when you purchase a new unit. Call us today for more information!

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