Comforting the Golf Fans


You decided this was the year you would put your home up for rent for the big tournament. Smart investment! You’ve painted the baseboards, repaired any and all minor or major issues to your home, your lawn is exquisite, you’ve replaced carpet in your teenager’s bedroom, and you even booked your own little vacation away from the chaos. You’ve done all this for just a small fraction of what your renters will pay you for the week. There is a problem though! Something you missed and didn’t think twice about…your HVAC unit. Picture this scenario: Your tournament renters have spent thousands of dollars to stay in your home for the week and on day two of the tournament, the A/C unit goes out. Your golf fans are left to sweat on the course and at your home! Don’t let this happen to you! Beat the rush and have your HVAC system looked at now-before it’s too late! We are available 7 days a week for service and we have an emergency call line for your golf fans if something were to happen. Don’t cause your renters any undue stress, because if they really like your place, they’re likely to come back again next year! Call us today for more information! (706) 860-7400 Connell’s Appliance Heating and Air, Old-Fashion Service, New Technology.