Hello Friends and Neighbors of the CSRA

gregphotoMy name is Greg Connell and I am the owner of A. Connell's Company, Inc., Heating and Air Conditioning. Our Company has been in the business of professionally  installing  new HVAC equipment, as well as providing quality service and repairs on existing  systems for over 25 years to the local area!! We understand that there is more to providing our customers with Complete year-round Comfort than simply installing a piece of equipment and/or replacing worn out or defective parts on a repair job!!  We specialize in solving the Heating and Cooling problems of your home or office from a “Comprehensive” approach!!   Our Company's “Philosophy” is that there is only one way to do something and that is to do it correctly, with craftsmanship to a High Standard!!

Our Company “mantra” is to always perform the tasks at hand in a professional manner. Our commitment to quality installations, change-outs, repairs and service of HVAC equipment, is a reflection of A. Connell Company's desire to constantly strive for this High level of Professionalism!!!  

I feel like our company “attitude” of being professional and maintaining a constant desire to provide quality service, is a carry-over from the “attitude” and  commitment that, I, personally  must have, in my other career as a Professional “Airshow Pilot”! Airshow Flying requires an extremely High level of a commitment to excellence as there is very little “margin for error”!! At A. Connell's, we strive to maintain this same commitment to our customers on the work we provide for them on a day to day basis!

As you can see, I have spent most of my life learning a few things about Air!!….Whether it is  manipulating and “maneuvering” through the “Air” at over 250 MPH, or evaluating, designing, and implementing the best combination of equipment and systems to keep the “Air” in your home or office “conditioned” for your optimal comfort, Air is my Business!!